Benefits of Reading the Gita

The benefits of reading the Gita, according to the Gita itself, are:

  1. Freedom from fear and sorrow
  2. Attaining Visnu Padam (the state of Vishnu, the omnipresent preserver.)
  3. When done together with Pranayama (breath-control exercises), sins of even past births are cleared.
  4. It destroys Samsaramala, the dirt/waste that sticks to one by living in the world.
  5. There is no re-birth for the reader.

There is a book called Prarthana Tarangini, which gives the benefits of reading the different chapters of the Gita. I tried it. It works but in a different way from what you might expect. The benefits of reading different chapters, according to the Prarthana Tharingini (prayer book) are as follows:

  • Chapter 2: Karya Siddhi: Success in work
  • Chapter 3: Easy Delivery of a baby
  • Chapter 4: Good Children
  • Chapter 5: Success of good deeds
  • Chapter 6: All good things
  • Chapter 7: Good marriage of child
  • Chapter 8: Removal of sorrow
  • Chapter 9: Removal of disease
  • Chapter 10: Removal of poverty
  • Chapter 11: Driving away ghosts
  • Chapter 12: Increasing devotion
  • Chapter 13: Self Realisation
  • Chapter 14: Removal of family conflicts
  • Chapter 16: Removal of ill-fame, insults and suspicion
  • Chapter 17: Eliminating problems brought on by planetary problems
  • Chapter 18: Removal of mental problems and sadness.