Astrology can answer almost every query related to a human. As an astrologer we are expertise in business, problem in money rotation, marriage, children problem, childbirth (not gender determination), job, education, disease, spouse related problems, family life, Bhagyodaya and many more. Common services are as follows…

Business: When look at business with the astrological point of view we found that one is an entrepreneur, and another one is self-employed or just manager of the business. Both have different kind of problems.Main problems regarding this field are a blockage in money rotation, and other is unforeseen expenses. Apart from this huge investment and very low return, rival get business and Jataka(client) could not collect it, sharp deterioration in business model, change in business, absence of labor, problem with business partner, undesired delays in projects, approach to the wrong direction are issues with Jatkas(clients). We can help in these fields.

Marriage: It is a most important node in a life of boy or girl. So one should be much more careful before make any knot. A major question about marriage is “MELAPAK” OR “KUNDALI MILAN” of boy and girl. We have a four-fold method of horoscope matching. It includes Ashtkoot Guna matching, Mangal Dosha Milan, Lagna Milan and Dasha Milan. If we find any Specific problem in the married life of boy or girl, we suggest a proper remedy that will perform before or during marriage functions. The second type of query is related to delay in the wedding. If someone destined to get marry late, then we can assure them that time will come, all you have to do is just wait. If there are any problem that can be solved with astrological remedies, then we will suggest you one.

Childbirth: Some Jatakas first try to manage childbirth and after planning it they find that their efforts are not working. Sometimes it takes years of waiting. As per our practice, we know that astrological yogas can make hurdles in it. So get your perfect remedy and be blessed. If we find any major problem like genetic disorders, a fallopian tube problem, seamen problem, then we have a special upchar for that. It will run almost a year to get a result. Many couples are blessed with a child with our remedies you may be the next. Regular remedy cost up to 51 hundred, but yearlong upchaar may costlier.

Disease: Although we never suggest that we are replacing regular medical procedure but in some cases we found that dasha effect generates false disease. In some psychological problems, we found astrological remedies much helpful. Sometimes, Rahu Dasha, Bhukti or Antra produces fake problems, so we have a proper remedy for that. If you or your near dear have that kind of problem, then we can help you out, but not suggest for cutting medical aid.

Job: OH!! We will not provide you a suitable job, but can help you out to find one. Our experience gives us a vision that there is two type of problems. First is joblessness, and other is not satisfied with the current job. Whether a Jataka(client) will do business or get job, whether a Jataka will live with family or abroad and most important if you have job then when will you get next promotion, next hike, next job with higher income grade. We have a long list of that type of successful customer.