Astrologer Sidharth (Famous Astrologer), Bejan Daruwalla (or Bejan Daruvalla), Pt. Ajay Bhambi, Dr. Prem Kr. Sharma, K.N. Rao, Anupam V. Kapil, Bansilal M Jumaani, Sanjay B Jumaani, Swetta Jumaani, Maa Prem Usha and Sunita Menon are top astrologers in india.

Astrologer Sidharth

Astrologer Sidharth Jagannath Joshi is One of the best astrologer having good practice in India. He mastered in traditional Parashar paddathi, Lal Kitab, Krishnamurti Paddhati and Vastu Shastra. With his accurate horoscope prediction and effective remedies, he got attention from Indians who are spread all over the globe. His premier customer is from USA, Australia, England, Europe, Middle East, China as well as all over India.

He practices astrology since 1999. Short after his learning course began in 1997; It was not professional till 2003. First he started his office in Bikaner and got the attention of senior astrologers. An astrologer must have some qualities, like pure analytical brain, psychoanalytical capacity, intuition, mathematical calculation, quick response and many more, but in spite of that a good astrologer must have his guru’s blessings. So, that Sidharth has from his gurus.

With guruji’s grace Sidharth flourish in the astrology field. In 2007, Astrologer Sidharth came in touch with blogging and got national level readership through his blog called “Jyotish Darshan.” With his six years of experience in print media, he wrote enormous out of the box articles in his blog in the Hindi language.

Now he successfully runs Parashara ASTRO CONSULTANCY as a CEO. You can find his astrology articles on this website. As he studied in traditional PARASHAR Paddhati, he practices it with his main subject.

Other than you will find excellent articles about Traditional Vedic Astrology, Lal Kitab, Krishnamurthi Paddhati(KP), Samudrik Shastra, Prashna Vigyan, Natal Horoscope, Horoscope compatibility and many more.

You can find him online on the social network. On Facebook with more than 4 thousand listeners, he communicates live with his clients. On Google+ he has more than 4500 Connections. On Twitter, he has more than thousand followers. The social platform makes him available for your astrological guidance on a daily basis.

After a long journey through print media articles, Astrologer Sidharth came back to blogging and wrote almost 200 articles on various issues regarding Astrology and Vastu Shastra. You can find it all right here on this website.

Parashara Astro Consultancy is a group of astrologers with the guidance of Pradeep Maharaj. Astrologer Shri Ram Bissa and Astrologer Preeti Rajgor are core team players with Astrologer Sidharth. If you have Exact birth data, then you can get our all premium services. If you don’t have exact birth data, then you should ask for our “PRASHNA KUNDALI SERVICE.” You will get perfect answer possible.

For the record Astrologer Sidharth graduate with Science Biology and Post Graduate with Philosophy. With his Six years of experience in Print media as Sub Editor, he can write deep Astrology subject in a very characteristic and unusual way.

Bejan Daruwalla

His name is in the directory of top astrologers in India (or top Jyotish in India, World). He is the Astrologer to the Rich and Famous. He has been a professor in English. Currently his articles publish in The Sunday Times of India, Telegraph (Calcutta), Navkind Times (Goa), Dell Annual Horoscope,1998 (New York), News India (New York), Berkley Communications (London). His books are published by Hind Pocket Books and are available for sale in the Book Stores. Bejan Daruwalla also meets people for astrological consultations.

The prime minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee, invited Ganesha devotee who is a celebrity astrologer in India, on July 16,2000, to predict his and India’s future, surely a feather in the cap of astrology! The world’s biggest non government organization, the Bhartiya Vidhya Bhawan, had Bejan as their chief guest on their first convocation ceremony after the centenary year. It was held on December 19, 1999.

As early as 1998 the publishers of the book, had said in the introduction of “Ganesha devotee, and Pete Sampras, the tennis champ, can now only compete against themselves.Today the whole world knows that Pete Sampras has created a history in the Wimbledon by winning the title for the 7th time and claiming a record breaking 13th grand slam title.

What has to say about himself? Only a human being born on 11th, July 1931,who loves to laugh and play and love everybody. Bejan is only the vessel for the grace of Ganesha to flow in. Yes, he does go wrong from time to time, he loves his family, cares deeply and is emotionally bonded with hoops of steel to the whole wide world. He, in short, cares and dares.


His name is also taken among the world famous astrologers in India (expert vedic astrologers in India), New Delhi . He is one of the Vedic Astrologers in India (or Vedic Jyotishi in India). He retired from the Indian Audit and counts Service as Director General in November 1990. He was initiated into astrology by his mother. He is the Advisor of Astrology Courses in the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi. The teachers on the teaching faculty of the astrology course in the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan have, like him, never charged any fees for teaching which they do in an honorary capacity.

Pt. Ajai Bhambi

He is in the list of best astrologers in India (or best jyotishi in India, World). He is a post graduate in Economics & a Law graduate. Before practicing Astrology he was practicing Law. A prolific writer, he has written several books and writes for many magazines and newspapers both in India as well as overseas. He has a regular column in The Hindustan Times for the last five years where he writes on national and international personalities in a column entitled Star Trek. He was a columnist in Deccan Chronicle (Hyderabad) for five years. In this column he provided solutions to the problems of the people astrologically. Readers also sent in their questions along with their birth details.

Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma

He comes in the list of famous astrologers in India (or Famous Jyotish in India or Online Astrologers in India) has made several predictions duly chronicle in leading Indian newspapers like The Hindustan Times, The Times of India, The Tribune group Publications (The Tribune, Punjabi Tribune, Dainik Tribune), Indian Express, Hind Samachar Group (Punjab Kesri & Jag Bani), Dainik Bhaskar, Ajit Samachar, Punjab Times International (U.K.), Desi Talk (A NewsIndia Group Publications, New York), etc. Dr. Sharma is providing content for Hindustan Times on regular basis (A Leading National Daily Newspaper).

Anupam V Kapil

His name comes in the list of leading astrologers in India (or top Indian Astrologers). A Palmist, psychic and India’s only phonetic numerologist he is the best selling author of Numerology Made Easy by Penguin Books and a columnist (daily predictions) for the Times of India (all editions) and is popular on Radio Mirchi, Pune for daily predictions.

Bansilal M Jumaani

He is in the list of good astrologers in India (or good Indian Astrologers). He was born in Karachi (now in Pakistan). His family migrated to Bombay during the partition. An erstwhile finance broker He started dabbling in numerology as a hobby, soon this hobby turned into a passion, he read more than 200 books, a priest at the Sitladevi temple near four bungalows, Andheri (Bombay- India) guided him with various scriptures. Family disputes and the burden of marrying off two daughters ensured that Numerology remained a hobby, for if branded as a �Jyotishi� (Soothsayer) he would have problems in marrying off his daughters. He has been a student of Numerology for over 30 years and was quite popular in his friend circle, on who he experimented to perfect his unique method.

Sanjay B Jumaani

He is one of the great astrologers in India (or India’s top astrologers). He struggled in his sales job for 17 years, (he started working at 14, alongside doing Junior college) and could barely make two ends meet. Despite completing targets the rewards would be taken by others. Finally, frustrated with this, he decided to consult his father and was advised to use Sanjay Jumaani instead of Sanjay Jumani. What followed in the next 6 months was a roller-coaster change, as the vibrations of his new name made him chuck his job as a marketing executive of seventeen years to take a plunge into the world of numerology. He is successfully handling his father’s profession and is also in the limelight for all his remarkable predictions; he has been instrumental in changing a lot of people’s destiny by altering the spellings in their names and surnames.

Sunita Menon

She is a good clairvoyant, psychic reader, healer, tarot card reader, counsellor, future teller, fortune teller, one of the expert Indian astrologers and one of the most famous astrologers in world. She uses the insight and abilities she’s developed to help her clients lead more fulfilling lives, with more personal understanding and foresight. According to her our future is our own to shape and mould, as we desire. We all have the magical gift of being psychics but how many of us have the power of concentration to develop it?

She had an uncle who was a practising astrologer. She used to sit with him. He taught her a lot about kundli and astrology. It was a south Indian system. She learnt it but never really thought she would use it. She always treated it more as a hobby and was always very hush about it.

Maa Prem Usha

She (Top Indian Astrologers) is a well known, leading, eminent Indian astrologer (Tarot consultant), one of the top most astrologers in India and ha been reading Tarot cards at the ITC Maurya Sheraton Hotel, New Delhi, for more than 20 years. She ha been interviewed and written about in several national and international magazines and periodicals. She is a celebrity astrologers in India who has contributed to major websites and continues to write regular columns for leading periodicals and magazines on various subjects like politics, fashion, health, food, spirituality, children, men and women, giving insights, direction, prediction and counseling.

Swetta Jumaani

Her name also comes in the list of renowned astrologers in India and one of the topmost Indian astrologers in the world. She future teller, comes from the famous Jumaani family. An ardent fan of her father, the Eminent Numerologist Bansilal, She keenly studied this occult science of numerology under his competent guidance. Her brother Sanjay too is also a world famous Numerologist. Being a number two person (Two is the number of the Moon) She was keenly interested in this science right from her childhood, and in her own amateurish way used to advise her close friends and relatives, even at that time. Swetta’s interest soon turned into to a hobby which she continued, even after marriage (She married a Military man), the difference now was that every 3 to 4 years she had to change the place of her residence, this was a boon in disguise as she got a chance to experience the various cultures of our country, She practiced numerology as a hobby wherever she went. She has finally settled down to the numerological lucky city of Pune. And it was here that she took a plunge professionally in the family tradition.

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