Vedic Astrologer: Myth and reality

Vedic astrology can be traced thousands of years back. Vedic astrology is related with ancient science which explains planetary motions and positions with respect to time and their effect on humans and other activities on earth. Vedic astrology of India is quite famous. Earlier, it was limited but afterwards it also included zodiac signs as well.  Vedic astrology includes 12 Zodiac Signs, 9 Planets and 12 House, each house represents itself in its own way.

Vedic Astrology helps in understanding potentialities of our personality to enable us to chart the course of success in our lives in the matters of health, career, finances, love, career, and relationships. It also helps in easing anxiety, preventing incurable diseases, developing leadership qualities and in looking into the future. Vedic Astrology has best solutions for every problem.

Vedic Astrology covers many aspects of human life whether a person is interested in the future, medical issues, love, or career options. Vedic Astrology also tells about your past karma deeds. They say that Vedic Astrology is related to events happened in your past.

We have been practicing in this field since 18 years. We have guided and helped at various stages in their life. People’s faith and feedback has helped us to improve and become much better.

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33 कोटि देवता और इंद्र

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shani dev saturn planet astrology shani sadhesati siddh peeth शनि, रोग, पीड़ा, दान और उपचार lal kitab

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Management Guru Hanuman

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There are  earlier references in the Vedas like Atharva Veda

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इक्‍कीसवीं सदी में स्‍त्री जातकों (Women Astrology) पर फिर से काम होने लगा है।

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